Cultural Diversity At The Workplace

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Cultural Diversity in the Workplace
Anna Sham, Sabrina Damji, Siran Jia, Sergio Valdez
301236536 Anna Sham
30119362 Sabrina Damji
301227191 Siran Jia
301240074 Sergio Valdez
Business 272: Organizational Behaviour
Tutorial Section: D101
Simon Fraser University
Professor: Chris Zatzick
April 12th, 2015

As a result of increasing numbers of immigrants, cultural diversity has become a common display in the workplace, which means having a blend of cultures in an organization. It is important to understand each culture individually as they possess their own values and beliefs. Organizations must incorporate these differences to motivate employees in order to successfully achieve a company 's goal. If employees accept the organization’s goals, it can direct the company to success with higher productivity and effectiveness. Socialization also plays an important role, as it helps increase employee loyalty and motivation, which then leaders io to higher effectiveness and efficiency. During the socialization process, an employee is responsible for familiarizing themselves with their tasks and role in the company, and later on learning and adapting to the organization’s culture. Both cultural diversity and socialization are relevant in the field of human resources because they influence how management should govern its employees to achieve successful organizational performance and meet strategic goals. This paper will illustrate various benefits and consequences of

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