Diversity In The Workplace

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I am very happy witht the progress that Vicky has made in her job so far. She has been with the Bureau about 8 months and she has become invaluable to us. She understands the division and bureau vision and direction. She is a real team player who actively participates in bureau meetings and activities such as coming up with a vision and mission statement for the PPI bureau. Vicky completes tasks assigned to her promptly. She is polite and courteouos to evryone she encounters through her work. She is fair in treatment of others and empathetic, but in a way that spurs action. For instance, after hearing everyone complain for the umpteenth time that we could not get our perfdiem checks, Vicky approached me and said she had done per diem at her old job and maybe she could do it for the bureau . This has turned out to be a god sent for all of us. …show more content…

She looks for work to help out the bureau and has been cross trained on, as well as taken over some tasks to which Julie was initially assigned. She takes the led on the SEVs reports now, helped with the BOWI project Nancy worked on and is a major player in the bench warrant project and its updates. Vicky strives to do quality work. If Vicky isn't sure something is being done right, she finds someone who knows how to do what she is doing and runs it by them to make sure she is doing things correctly and according to policy and procedure. For example, Vicky has developed a list of a few people whom she can run her per diem questions by to make sure she doesn't waste time sending up incorrect

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