Cultural Diversity of Russian Population

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CULTURAL DIVERSITY OF RUSSIAN POPULATION 2 Cross cultural issues arise from differences in values, behavior and thinking between Americans and people from other countries. Misunderstandings frequently result from cultural differences which lead to ineffective communication and implications for the healthcare system (Kaakinen, Gedaly-Duff, Coehlo, & Harmon Hansen, 2010). In order to provide a culturally competent care, a health care professional needs to know about the life ways of various cultures and their values and meanings which govern behavior. Population trends within the United States are increasingly…show more content…
Russian people are very family oriented. Key word in Russian family life is ‘dependent’. Both in Russia and the United States, extended family members often live together relaying on each other for financial and emotional support, child care, and completion of household tasks. The male is generally the head of the family. Caring for children and all housework is a women’s Responsibility (Goscilo, & Holmgren, 2001). Elderly Russian persons are encouraged to stay CULTURAL DIVERSITY OF RUAAIN POPULATION 4 with their families. They see a residential care as the last option and assess other in-home support programs to prolong independence. Where a residential placement happens, this is due to loss of family members rather than the preference of the person. Leaving home and moving into any other community arrangement is the equivalent to losing their independence. Russians are very demonstrative culture and commonly perceived as being caring, kind and generous. Public physical contact is common among friends. With strangers and new acquaintances Russians prefer to speak and work in public zone. When trust has been established they express feelings freely with gestures, eye contact and compliments. The intimate zone is reserved for spouse, children and healthcare professionals providing care. When hospitalized,
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