Cultural Dominance Of Male Over Female

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Antonio Gramsci’s hegemony defined as the dominance of one group over another has been occurring since the beginning of time. It is where a dominant force exerts its influence in society and exert their own power over other groups. Hegemony is seen with the cultural dominance of male over female. Because of this dominance men have assumed the right to determine what is masculine and what is not. With hegemony, here will be always an opposing force that plans a strategy in order to combat and defeat their adversary. Homosexuality is often depicted as inferiority. Heterosexual men see homosexual men as adversary to be defeated. Men has defined their masculinity by very specific set of behavior, habits and activities acting strong, being involved in sports and becoming engineer or doctors. Any men who do not behave according to these characteristics is viewed as “effeminate”. A young man like the actor in the movie who does not engage in vigorous sports but is interested in theater and poetry and shows sensitivity is perceived as being a “Sister Boy” a code word for as being “Gay”. This is a hint that a lack of what society perceives as masculinity is linked to homosexuality. Homosexuals are attracted to people of their gender. Homosexuals are usually human beings very aware of their gender, their masculinity or femininity while being attracted to members of the same sex or gender. In the movie, this very sensitive and apparently fragile young man falls in love with an older
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