Cultural Evaluation Of A Single Parent Family

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Alezandria Winston


Cultural Essay-Evaluation 15

October 11,2015

One Parent Isn’t Enough

Growing up in a single-parent family had to be the hardest thing I ever had to do, but also the strongest thing I had to do because it made me the person I am today. My mom was a drug addict and my father wasn’t around, therefore my mom lost custody of me to my aunt when I was an infant. However, my aunt was a single-parent as well, and she already had two children of her own. She raised us all on her own, paid every bill on time, worked two jobs, and fault with her addiction to drugs. After a few years of receiving me, my aunt eventually stopped doing drugs. All that matters is my aunt did her best to take care of three children on her own without any help, even though we all suffered massively because we only had one parent. A child’s life is compromised when raised by single-parent because of limited resources, reasoning, and destruction of the “utopian family.”

A child living in a single-parent home typically has limited resources. I know you are wondering, how could this be? When I say limited resources, I mean same sex families vs. opposite sex families. In the United States, mothers generally receive custody over most fathers. Mothers are seen as the caregiver in the eyes of the judicial system, even though fathers typically make better single parents than mothers do. Fathers who are single parents tend to be more educated than the ideal

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