Cultural Imperialism

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Body Images, Eating Disorders, and Cultural Imperialism As society begins to grow a dependency on media, particularly social media, more and more research is being conducted on the effects of this kind of exposure on self-esteem, body image, and more importantly eating disorders. As society becomes codependent on the technology that has made life that easier, exposure to marketing techniques and other social cues has increased and with that increase so has the negative perception of body image increased. It is because of this growing tendency of humans to develop subconscious ideas of the perfect body that this paper looks to answer the question of whether American media is portraying these unhealthy images of a perfect body or perfect human to society. This causes several negative tendencies from low self-esteem to an array of mental eating disorders due to the dissatisfaction with one’s own body. It is the opinion of this paper that American media is in fact imprinting these ideas of a perfect and unhealthy image of the human body onto the general public, whether it be knowingly or unknowingly.
The author reviews studies on the effects of ideal body images in the American media on the general public, comments on these studies effects on both males and females, and outlines changes that must be implemented to negate the negative effects on self-esteem and the perception of body image.
Research carried out by the University of South Florida (USF) found

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