The Importance Of Body Image

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What Is Body Image? How does Media play a major role in Body Images? And how do help our young children to believe just the way there are perfect? Body image refers to both adults and young adolescents judgements about their own bodies. Although, accepting more normal body types has become a constant trend media continues to create negative effects on body images around the world by rapidly body discontentment, eating disorders, and desirable engross with appearance. Because we are exposed to countless media images, media images become the basis for some of these comparisons. Beauty expectations can cause a huge deal and possible risk to people in society, and are a ridicule of every man or woman in America; instead of letting beauty…show more content…
“Researchers estimate that between one of five and one of eleven young women today have an eating disorder.” People tend to compare themselves to thin actors and models on television and in other forms of media. Magazines for female readers contain countless articles about weight loss, as well as advertisements promoting special diet foods and pills. Friends and even family members may send the message that fat is ugly and thin is beautiful. Research has shown up to date that body image shows that women are much more disapproving of their appearance than men much less likely to approve what they see in the mirror. Why are Women so much more critical about their appearance than Men? Women are judged on their appearance more than men, and expectations of female beauty are more considerably higher. Women are continually bombarded with pictures of the “ideal” face and body with constant of female beauty on television, magazines and billboards makes usual good looks seem normal. Many young women are concerned about how they look. Women want to be attractive and they want to fit in with society. Meeting society expectations for looking good is not always easy, especially for women. As a women we are judged by our appearance more than men, and our standards are higher. Physical attractiveness in females is based on pretty features such as good complexion, nice hair and a well-proportioned body, but as of today “well-proportioned”
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