The Importance Of Cultural Imperialism

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The Kiowa are a Native American people who have been greatly impacted by cultural imperialism. They were forced to adapt to western culture, and in this many of the Kiowa people were converted to Christianity. Christianity is said to be a very important aspect of many Native American cultures still today, but the way in which Christianity is portrayed and practiced in such societies, including that of the Kiowa, stays true to both the religion itself and their Native practices. The Kiowa are said to have "kiowanized" Christianity. The Kiowa version of Christianity is said to differ from "' the white man's way.'" This means that they believe in God, integrate their culture and lifestyles into Christianity, and they also relay the importance of their religion in a different manner. They use their native language in their hymns, and these hymns are comprised primarily of those elements that pertain directly to Kiowa culture. In the text Lassiter states, "Kiowa hymns 'give life to a unique Kiowa experience, preserve the language, and affirm and ongoing (and continually unfolding) Kiowa spirituality.'" This reveals the effectiveness and importance of the integration of Christianity and native Kiowa practices. Language has been a central focus of anthropological interest for many reasons. List three reasons and discuss why they are important. Think about language in broad or general anthropological sense when addressing this question. What are the connections among play, art,

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