Cultural Integration And Cultural Assimilation

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As we are furthering our international development and advancements in our economy, policy, and technology, it is essential that we seek an understanding of our culture and the ones around us. The further the advancements, the greater the demand is for us to apprehend the importance of the factors and outcomes of cultural assimilation and how it is all influenced by spears of culture. Cultural assimilation occurs fully when the foreign members of a host society becomes indistinguishable from the existing group. Cultural assimilation is something that is, to an extent, inevitable to an individual that emigrates from an area of a different culture who seeks long-term residency in a new host country. As globalization and acculturation is becoming more prominent, culture identity becomes tenuous and forgotten.
The concentration of this research will be to what extent is cultural assimilation ineluctable. When looking at the clash of cultures, it is difficult to say that it is possible for a new member to come to a balance of adapting their culture and being able to maintain their mother culture. Roughly 2% of the world’s population resides in a country where they are not born (Census, 2011). We are encompassed by diversity. Globalization and diversity fosters societal progression. Because of this, we must understand the concept of cultural assimilation because it directly influences our lives. Nonetheless, the focus question surrounds the extent of cultural assimilation.
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