Cultural Norms About Parenting Practices

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The concept of a good parent and what it means to embody one is highly opinionated and extremely difficult to define. In a country like the U.S, young children are becoming more racially and ethnically diverse everyday due to a widespread range of different cultures. This makes it a nightmare to determine what is considered good parenting. Cultural norms about parenting practices and values typically stem from a person’s country of origin and how they were raised. In general, a common theme that emerges across cultures is a desire for a child to be obedient, respectful, polite, honest, and successful especially in school. In the stories Two Kinds by Amy Tan and Who’s Irish by Gish Jen the concept of a good parent in an Asian orientated culture is highlighted. In addition, both stories illustrate the cultural division between an immigrant mother and her Asian-American daughter. Although the actions of these mothers are a bit extreme at times by U.S standards, regardless they can be considered good parents because they have their child 's best interest in mind and simply want the best for them. Expectations and disappointments are a normal part of parenting. Every parent in one way or another wants to see their child succeed and excel. Jing-mei’s mother in the story Two Kinds is no exception to this desire. In a line near the beginning of the story her mother tells her, "You can be best anything” (pg. ). It makes sense why her mother is so optimistic and hopeful about…
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