Cultural Norms And Practices Are Shaped And Practiced Over The Years Essay

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According to Baffoe, “culture is the totality of the way of life of a group of people that has been developed, shaped and practiced over the years. The development of these cultural norms and practices are shaped by the environment and the needs of the people” (Baffoe 2005). As traditional societies develop as a result of modernization, the original indigenous practices of the community begin to disappear, and are replaced by ideas from more developed Western countries. Culture is forever changing, and it adapts based on the changes happening within the people of the community and their environment. With modernization, ideas and beliefs that are practiced in Western societies are diffused across the world, setting the standard for behavior that should be commonly practiced in all societies. Modernization in tribal African communities has affected their cultures in such a way that their rich traditions have began to become diluted as they are replaced with .
In my first informational text, "Money, Modernization and Ambivalence among the Sidama of Northeastern Africa”, by John H. Hamer, it is explained that the fast spread of market economics and new communication tools, which are ideas brought about by influence from western nations, bring an obstruction to local cultures and values, particularly in communities such as tribes in Africa. As a result of the structural change of the world’s economy, Africans are beginning to integrate new ideas, brought to them by the spread of

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