Cultural Reflection

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Upon completion of this course, in additional to all of the life experiences I have been involved in over the semester, I have gained valuable insights in regard to my cultural background. While gathering information for the ancestor writing assignment, correspondingly choosing Ikebana as the topic for an occupation evidence paper, I discovered how and why Japanese culture has influenced over my family’s cultural identity. By reason of my mother's side of the family whom resided in Taiwan during and likely before the period between 1895 and 1945, while Taiwan was under Japanese rule and was a dependency of the Empire of Japan. This was a new discovery which, given a fresh perception on my own cultural background as a whole. I acquired a …show more content…

My interactions with other diverse has affected by my experiences over the semester, I noticed that especially while I was conducting the interview with a person with disability as well as the Sleep intervention project. I found myself explaining the word “occupation” and the meaning of “occupational functioning” to my interviewee, as it is not common phrases use to describe activities. The process of getting to know a client, had allowed me to discern why is essential for Occupational therapist, and it is crucial to optimize client’s occupation experience.
My current perception of my own cultural competency has not changed, I believe I am working towards to become culturally proficient (Wells, Black & Gupta, 2016) in addition studying to becoming an occupational therapist, I will continually improve my cultural effectiveness, in order to become a mindful health care practitioner. As the semester provided many unique learning experiences where I was able to self-reflected on my own culture contrast to other cultures. Moreover, I was able to recognize my own privilege, as well as able to review them from an outsiders’ perspective. I continue to believe using my own strength to interact with people from different culture, and applying my ability in bettering people’s life experience.
In order to further improve my cultural effectiveness, as to preparing

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