Cultural Reflection

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As i strolled down my neighborhood coming from the gym, I observed my environment and was able to notice things i never commonly do, the more i walked the more i was able to smell the spices and scents that made home smell like home. Some scents smelled so familiar like my own home and mother's cooking and others unique, as a matter of fact i was able to feel the warmth from each house like a cozy blanket welcoming me in. I listened and was able to hear the laughter and joy of family dinners, movie nights, their own unique ways of bonding which embraced the fact that my community had a diversity of people who had their own way of carrying their roots. Yes, indeed they had their own ways of bonding which are different yet so similar. I concluded that many teens who grew up in their community are introduced to their culture but accumulate the traits of their environment which makes them question who or what they really are. In addition it is what shapes up our lives as we grow. How different our cultures are but yet so alike in the community.We unionize what we observe and inherit from other people and their cultures so in the end we are a mix up cultures and is what makes us diverse to modernize our culture.
My parents Notably as i grew older is when i started to understand ethnicity, race and culture which caused a lot of unanswered questions. I wasn't so sure what i was because i loved a lot of things from different cultures, different to what i was introduced to.

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