Cultural Studies As A Discipline

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Introduction Cultural Studies as a discipline is still in its infancy. Although it is struggling to become its own discipline, the difficulty lies in defining precisely what cultural studies is, whether it has any practical use or is just another academic area of research, or whether or not it should just be considered a sub category related to other, already established disciplines such as philosophy, sociology, anthropology, and other humanities disciplines. According to Ang (1999), cultural studies is as an individual area of research has arisen due to “...the boundaries between the intellectual world and its environment having become blurred.” (p. 1-10).Ultimately, for cultural studies, what is necessary is that it be able to define…show more content…
By leaving questions open it allows for a more creative and adaptive process of analysis that is lacking in many disciplines due to the myopic need for definitive answers. Others have weighed in equally on the benefit of cultural studies. Various Critiques of Cultural Studies & Research Claire Hemmings (2005) argues that “...we doubt the capacity of both quantitative and empirical approaches in textural analysis to account for the fullest resonance of the social world we wish to understand.” (p. 549). For her, many of the humanities disciplines, within the narrow confines of their various fields of study fail to adequately account for the vast differences and complexity surrounding the human culture of the subjects they study. What is needed is a more flexible and integrated approach to analysis of the different aspects of human endeavour. For this reason, cultural studies have begun to play a significant role in both the theoretical frameworks used as well as in its more in depth contextual analysis. Cary Nelson, Paula A. Treichler, and Lawrence Grossberg (2010) argue that this is particularly true in academia, which is fragmented into a variety of independent, specialized fields. Cultural studies is
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