Culture And Its Effects On Our Culture

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It’s a given that culture powerfully influences thoughts, emotions and behaviors.In fact, culture operates at primary cognitive, perceptual and motivational levels. Culture is an important part of our blueprint for operation within our physical and social worlds. We are an insecure species and culture offers us a reduction of anxiety through its standard rules of thought, emotion and behavior. Culture offers predictability in an often unpredictable world. We see things through a cultural lens that tints, magnifies, shrinks and otherwise shapes our perceptions.Our culture is a mindset that we developed during childhood socialization. The structural integrity, coherency and stability of our personalities are rooted in our culture. …show more content…

Culture is designed to allow people a piece of sanity and balance within their lifestyle. When it comes to culture many people have rules and customs that they have been around all their lives. Which means that the effects of human behavior may vary from person to person. Due to the fact that there are different cultures and diversity in communities, we are able to learn different languages, interact with other people and learn different things about people who are different.
Verbal communications is one of the most important skills that are needed when it comes to verbally expressing themselves. When we talking about culture, verbal communication is very important because it allows people to socialize with one another. Sometimes culture can have barriers when it comes to communicating with other people. For example, some people culture consist of them hugging or kissing one another when they greet someone. In another culture they might find that offensive. It can mean one thing to us and in another culture it might mean something totally different. Cultures could take things as an insult therefore causing issues between the two. But not only are greetings different, any type of verbal interaction could be as well. For instance, one culture may find it abnormal to approach a person at a party spontaneously whereas another culture may find it in their morals to approach whoever they meet eyes with and ask them to join the festivities. You can see where this would

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