Essay on Culture And Music Reflection

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Alma Diaz
Laura Pawuk
HON 201
9 September, 2014
Culture & Music Reflection
"Culture" is defined as the belief systems and value orientations that influence customs, norms, practices, and social institutions, including psychological processes and organizations It acknowledges that all individuals are cultural beings and have a cultural, ethnic, and racial heritage. Culture has been described as the personification of a worldview through learned and transmitted beliefs, values, and practices, including religious and spiritual traditions. It also encompasses a way of living informed by the historical, economic, ecological, and political forces on a group.
The biological basis of race has, at times, been the source of fairly heated debates
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But to be completely honest, many Hispanics do not believe in going to the doctor. We have generations and generations of different home remedies that our ancestors swore work. If we can come up with a home remedy, why would we need to go to the doctor? In my opinion, I feel like it’s simply pride and stubbornness. We are very prideful and stubborn, so when we have a high fever or a serious cold, going to the doctor is not even an option; calling grandma for a remedy is.
On the other hand, Americans is everything. They believe that if a doctor tells them to take a certain medicine, they have no doubt that the medicine will cure them and not any other remedy. In American culture, research in medicine is very popular and important. Thankfully, because of this research, many cures and vaccines to serious medical conditions have been produced. According to me, I don’t believe and do not believe in both cultures beliefs about medicine. I grew up with the Hispanic belief and all of the remedies, so of course I think that some of them actually work. Additionally, I believe that if a doctor tells you to take a certain medicine is because they know what you have and what you need to take to feel better. I do believe that doctors know best.
Multiculturalism, in an absolute sense, recognizes the broad scope of dimensions of race, ethnicity, language, sexual orientation, gender, age,
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