Culture And Subcultures Of Fashion

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If you look online, there are millions of pictures of Harajuku style. Guys and girls dressing up androgynously, or wearing the most bizzare pieces of clothing ranging from sky-high platforms to mixing unlikely prints together. Some even wear their hair and makeup in the most avant-garde way. Japan for a while has been displaying fashion that intrigues us and influences us in many ways and what people don’t know is that of these fashions there are different communities and subcultures of fashion that these people in the pictures conform to. Japan has a vast array of street fashion styles and trends. They are all mixed with elements of traditional, foreign and/or local styles. Their street fashion cultures vary from the tan skinned Ganguro girls to the victorian styled Lolitas. One of the most popular and biggest Japanese fashion influencers were the high school girls of Kogyaru. What exactly did these schoolgirls do to become one of the biggest trendsetters of Japan? The answers are within their signature style, Japan’s popular magazines, and ability to popularize certain products.
Kogyaru style was started by and became very popular among high school girls. That’s what the name literally means: ‘ko’ means little but it could also stand for high school and ‘gyaru’ means girl. To achieve their style you must have a high school outfit with “the pleated skirts hitched up to alarming heights” according to Richard Lloyd Parry from the Independent (Parry, par.2). Their school

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