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Culture awareness Kuwait In this paper I will discuss the findings on the research I conducted into the culture of Kuwait. Throughout this paper I will define the culture of Kuwait. I will discuss any implications that may affect operations conducted at unit levels. Knowing the culture of the country that you are going to will directly relate to the overall success that the unit will experience. If you don’t take into consideration the culture of the country you’re in you will make more enemies than friends. As I conduct my research I expect to see common culture characteristics. In my opinion Kuwait is vital to the security of the United States as they are a critical ally. The largest threat to our country in my opinion is ISIS who is…show more content…
Each year there has been a fluctuation in the number of nationalities that are migrating to Kuwait for work. Currently there are over one hundred different nationalities in Kuwait which has actually made the native born Kuwaiti a minority in their own country. We can see this in the population summary conducted in 2002 it shows, at that time, a total population of 2,363,325 people living in the country with 37.40% being actual native born Kuwaiti (
There are currently three categories in the Kuwait work force. The first category is the public sector. Under the public sector you will find the ministries, public authorities such as police and emergency services and the state owned oil companies. Next you have the private sector which is where you will find the companies owned by individuals or groups. The private sector doesn’t enjoy the same benefits of the native born Kuwaitis despite numerous attempts for the better of treatment and benefits of those employed in the private sector. Finally you have the domestic service sector of the work force. This work force finds those that are employed for the upkeep of households. The workers finding themselves employed in this category will watch the children of their employer as well as run errands around the area. Kuwaitis will not discuss business or negotiate contracts without getting to know and trust the

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