The Iraqi War

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Multicultural Project
The Iraqi war has left major long-term damage. Oftentimes, in the wake of and the after effects from the war the psychological effects will go unnoticed (Behrouzan, 2013). When war arises, there will be catastrophe on various levels that the country will experience. There has to be a lot of effort and strategic planning required from everyone concerning the war damages left behind. Therefore, after there has been a war, the country needs rebuilding from its damages. Furthermore, this paper will discuss humanitarian organization that will be aiding in the rebuilding. There will be a brief description of the Iraqi culture. This paper will also discuss three major topics in order to gain a better understanding then …show more content…

The vast majority of American people frown upon the Iraqi culture because of the senseless deaths of soldiers in the Iraq war as well as the tragedies that took place in the United States (French, 2013). However, there was a small group of individuals from the United States that are responsible for the tragic events and not this country as a whole. Furthermore, in the Iraqi culture, family is their most important social factor. The punishment for most of their crimes is death. Their marriages are arranged by the elders of both families. The father kills a family member that has shamed the family. In the Iraq’s culture there is no concept of time, therefore, it does not matter if one arrives at a meeting late (French, 2013). There are different customs in certain areas of Iraq, such as in the urban part they greet one another with a hug or handshake. However, in other areas their greeting depends on the gender of both individuals. The males are head of the household, in which the mother will live with the eldest son if the father dies. Their religious beliefs are sacred within this culture. One of their religious beliefs does not allow married couples to use any form of contraceptives in order to prevent pregnancy, and they are allowed to have as many children as they want. As with any country, there are many different beliefs therefore the humanitarian organization should do research before they decide to

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