The Iraqi War

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Multicultural Project
The Iraqi war has left major long-term damage. Oftentimes, in the wake of and the after effects from the war the psychological effects will go unnoticed (Behrouzan, 2013). When war arises, there will be catastrophe on various levels that the country will experience. There has to be a lot of effort and strategic planning required from everyone concerning the war damages left behind. Therefore, after there has been a war, the country needs rebuilding from its damages. Furthermore, this paper will discuss humanitarian organization that will be aiding in the rebuilding. There will be a brief description of the Iraqi culture. This paper will also discuss three major topics in order to gain a better understanding then will focus on the rebuilding project. However, in these topics language, religious beliefs, and customs of the people of Iraq will be included. Furthermore, there will be discussion of some ethnocentric challenges that may arise when planning the humanitarian reconstruction efforts. Before entering another country for relief efforts there are many questions that will be addressed. This paper, will briefly discuss which questions should be asked in order to ensure that the country receives the proper help. One should have an understanding of the country’s culture that they are trying to assist.
Culture is the beliefs, values, and attitudes, of a group (Theory of Cultural Determinism, 2015). The people of Iraq have a much…

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