Culture, Culture And Cultural Diversity In The American Culture

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I come from a small community, where there is not much diversity. Most people in my community share the same cultural beliefs. I have not traveled anywhere outside of the United States to even experience any other cultural customs. My only source of knowing about diverse cultures is through the news media. There is really no place to even meet someone with a diverse culture in my community. In my small community the majority of the residents are the same, except for the Amish that live throughout the community. I work at a hospital and often care for these individuals. I have learned some of their cultural beliefs and have found them to be very different than the mainstream Northeast Ohio cultures.
Some of the differences between the mainstream Northeast Ohio cultures and the Amish include their language, food, values, and beliefs. The Amish are originally from Germany and their main language that is spoken is Pennsylvania Dutch, a mixture of English and German. The Amish is raised to know both English and German. The Amish need to know German due to the fact that their church services are preached in German. When the Amish starts school, they are taught English (“The Power of, 2011, para. 3).
In Northeast Ohio, our official language is strictly English. English is taught in the schools and is spoken in the majority of homes. Parents can choose to teach their children a different language, but it is not expected of them.
The Amish wardrobe is different from the wardrobe of Northeast Ohio. The Amish have a strict belief when it comes to what they wear. The women and girls are expected to wear dresses “made from solid-colored fabrics” (“The Power of”, 2011, para. 5). An apron is worn over the dress and fastened with pins. No skin is allowed to be shown. Men and boys wear dark solid shirts. They are not allowed to wear buttons. The Amish symbolize buttons with war, because of military uniforms having buttons on them (“The Power of”, 2011, para. 5).
In Northeast Ohio, we use clothing to make a statement. There are no rules to follow when it comes to your wardrobe. Sometimes I wish we did have rules, when it comes to the wardrobe in the schools. Some Catholic schools follow a dress code, but
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