Culture Is Defined As The Beliefs, Customs, And Arts

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Merriam-Webster states “culture is defined: as the beliefs, customs, and arts, of a particular society, group, place, or time.” People think of culture as they think of a specific person(s) or a region but with a little studying of culture they would understand what it really is. First thing we need to understand is that culture will be taught, or learned over time. Culture is not something we were born with or receive from your parents. People learn the different cultures through life experiences, family, and friends. We as humans all require food, water, sleep and education on important cultural characteristics in order to learn different culture. Also, humans learn from others and how people live throughout the world mostly through experience. The next characteristic would be symbols, symbols can be anything from money, art, and language. In parts of the world; language to a specific region is important to their culture. Culture will be engraved into our brains at a young age. In countries like the United States, foreigners arrive into a new culture and learn to adapt in many ways the same as we would have to do in their country. The last characteristic would be dynamic, this means things change over time. People always have changed over time and areas change as society grows and advancement in technology arises. There is actually remote islands where there are specific tribes that believe so much in their beliefs that they have never seen western…
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