Culture Is How People Live

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Culture is how people live. Society is everything made, learned, or shared by the individuals from a general public, including makings, opinions, practices, and material articles. People’s lifestyle vary from society to society. Culture is the way individuals in certain in a place do things regularly. Individuals have different personalities based on their upbringing. Most times, we can tell someone’s nationality by the way they dress. For instance, a typical American would have on a shirt, jean pant and a pair of sneakers.
Subcultures are smaller cultural groups found in a larger culture. They are distinct from the larger culture in which they are found. For instance, in the U.S., there are subcultures such as the northeast, and the south. Subcultures do things differently from the larger culture. For instance, all academic field of majors at Allen University are considered a subculture because they all have different course work that are peculiar to them. I am majoring in Social Science, and my friend is majoring in Biology. As a Social science major, I take courses like Sociology but my friend in the biological sciences takes classes like Anatomy. Also, you can distinguish a Social Science student from a Biology student by the way their appearance because sometimes, Biology students have on lab coats during their laboratory practical.
In an attempt to compare subcultures, I will analyze the cultural differences between the northern and southern parts of the United…
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