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Culture Makes a Family

What makes a family? Some might say love, others say happiness but can you really define a family? Or can it be defined in more than one way. I was born into an extended family in the Caribbean’s on a small island called Haiti. About 80 to 90 percent of families in the Caribbean are from an African background, and came as slaves to the region. Being forced to work in plantations and fields Dominant Male slaves were also used as ‘studs’ to breed top quality slaves. As a result forced families were conceived. Before this family structure was maternal and extended. Common-law unions and illegitimacy were seen as failed attempts to imitate white norms (Frazier 1966 as cited in Barrow and Reddock 2001).So does the …show more content…

The family dynamics and structures have changed a lot over the past 25 years," says Barbara Hotelling, president of Lamaze International and a long-time childbirth instructor. Marriage is an important thing for girls in the Caribbean, because they are considered a women after wards. After marriage, the woman leaves her family and becomes a part of her husband's family or they start one on their own. In the Caribbean marriage is taken seriously, and as a result, divorce is less frequent. To where in the states girls are considered a adult or a women at the age of eight-teen. Thus taking the pressure off finding a mate to prove her worth of being a wife or mother. The purpose of marriage is the beginning of a new family. But it seems that marriage has lost its meaning. According to Brookings Institution Married couples represented just 25 percent of American households. In general, Caribbean marriages tend to follow a pattern where the men are the head of the house hold, and the women are there to support them. However, due to economic hardship some women have been forced to go to work to help support their husband. Also more and more women are farthing their education and pursuing careers instead of the traditional stay at home mom role. However, about 40 to 50 percent of married couples in the United States divorce. Because of that single moms are on the rise and more children are left without a father figure. The boys are especially hit hard because

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