Culture Shock Essay

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The term culture stock was first presented by anthropologist Kalervo Oberg in the late 1950s. Oberg characterized it as a disease endured by people living in another social condition. Oberg also say’s, culture stock came about because of the loss of surely understood cultural signs and symbols, making people encounter tension, disappointment, and weakness.(Citation 1) culture shock also has impacted the on values we have from our native culture we lived so long, by coming to Canada we are exposed to another culture that we have not been touched by. Communication skills are different as we in can have to look in the eyes of the elder we talk to, as in back home in pakistan, where i'm from we cannot look in the eye of elder as it is disrespectful. As for our beliefs are transmitted from generation to generation through of being taught or observed. Loss of identity is an problem for international student as it can loss due to adaptation to a new place to live in or they have to adopted the new identity. The financial crisis for international students is very related to culture shock because we need to get a job in new culture requires to same communication skills, values and adaptation of identity.
How can one be facing challenges that they never faced in their country when they come to Canada, in which involves seeking help? Can international students have the same lifestyle as they were in their native country? the socio psychological approach they demonstrate that culture

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