Curacao Accidents

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1942, the uprising of World War II on the island of Curacao as it was being watched by the german submarines. During the nighttime, the area’s oil refineries and tankers were being targeted. A young boy that moved to the island from Virginia called Philip lived on this island with his mom and dad. Philip had never seen war before , he was excited and would even sometimes go outside with his friends to see what was going on. Right after the war started Philip’s mom decided it was better to go back Virginia for her son’s safety and had to leave his dad behind. A few days after leaving the island a torpedo hit the ship they were on and they both got put on separate rafts. Philip was put on a raft with Timothy, a old and black man, and stew cat. They were on the raft …show more content…

when they were on the island Phlip was taught many life changes. One of timothy teaches was to be independent, Phlip was very depending on his mom to do things for him, but on the island he had to weave mats, catch food, make a fire, and construct a shelter. These tasks were hard for him at first since he had not gone used to being blind. Philip was taught to get around the island and overcoming his fear of getting hurt due to his blindness. Philip learned how to catch langousta, mussel, and fish “ Holding the sharpened stick in my right hand, I slipped into the warm water, trending for a moment, waiting to see if anything came up. Then I ducked my head underwater, swam down a few feet, and came up again. I was certain that nothing was in the hole aside from the usual small fish I yanked out each morning.” ( pg. 93 ) Timothy build independence by helping him with his blindness and soon Philip was able to memorize and move around the island “ Timothy has fashioned a cane for me, and I was now using it to feel my way around the island. I fell down often, but unless I fell into sea grape, it did not hurt.” ( pg. 61

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