Current Environment Pollution

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CURRENT SITUATION, OVERVIEW: The process of building computers affects the environment. Each year, millions of empty laser cartridges and discarded computers are dumped in tips as landfill. The energy it requires to operate, leads to lots of wastage, getting oils, and these energies creates lot of pollution ad taking resources, Getting resources to create technology is hefty, taking up most of government budgets, a lot of precious metals are used leads to wastage. Many mobile devices and companies are creating consumer technology to last a very short time or cheap dodgy products are made so people can afford cheaper items, leading to lots of wastage and technology thrown away more consistently and the continual of development of new products leading consumers to buy more and new tech, that leads them to discard their old tech. all the wastes of metals, electronic parts are thrown away and not recycled. Getting resources to build our technology is growing heftier leading a lot of precious metals are used to generate our precious short term technology, worst thing yet, we don’t know how to reuse or recycle it. The major load of energy it requires to operate appliances, devices, peripherals with low efficiency, even the star ratings have a hidden rating. All everyday technology doesn’t have perfect energy efficiency leading to wastage, fuel to supply factories, machines, the whole process creates lot of pollution uses tons of resources. The continual of development of new

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