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1. Read Chapter 1 (pg. 2-33) 2. Read "Why Manufacturing Matters" (pg. 14) and submit written responses to Questions 1 & 2. 3. Read "Wegmans Food Markets" (pg. 33-36) and submit written responses to Questions 1-3. 4. Read Chapter 2 (pg. 40-63) 5. Read "Home-Style Cookies" (pg. 67-69) and submit written responses to Questions 1-7. 6. Read "The U.S. Postal Service" (pg. 70-71) and submit written responses to Questions 1-7. Pg. 14 1) The loss of manufacturing jobs in the United States is extremely important. As this article states, when manufacturing jobs are lost so are service jobs. For every manufacturing job lost to things like outsourcing, 3 service jobs are lost. Not only are the people doing the manufacturing losing jobs, but …show more content…

Forecasting focuses on predicting the timing and quantity of customer demand. Capacity Planning- It is essential to accurately predict what products people are willing to purchase. If there is not enough of something people will be angry and if there is too much of another thing you are wasting money as a company. Location- Another very important aspect of a successful supermarket, location is important. You must be in an area with the correct demographic of people to have success. Most people will not be willing to drive an hour to go grocery shopping. Inventory Management- The entire supermarket must be working closely on inventory management so the perfect amount of inventory is always on hand. As I mentioned before, too little of a product results in loss of sales and unhappy customers, but too much is a waste of resources. Layout of Store- A great layout is vital for success. Grocery shopping can sometimes be tedious, so it is essential that the layout makes the process as easy as possible for a consumer. If a customer is having trouble finding things then they might start shopping elsewhere. Also, things that will spoil are usually in the back left of a store because that is where the customer will finish shopping thus reducing the time the product will spend not being refrigerated. Scheduling- A great supermarket will have flawless scheduling of their employees and of deliveries. They will always have fresh products and the right people

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