Current Outlook On The Region 's Terrestrial Biodiversity And Carbon Stock

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The article first presents the current outlook on the region’s terrestrial biodiversity and carbon stock. The authors then move on to discuss how climate change in the region will impact these moving forward. Climate change issues discussed include sea level rise, temperature rises and increased storm severity, altered rainfall patterns and increased fire frequency. In addition to the impacts of climate change, the authors also explore the pervasive threats to biodiversity and carbon stocks and view these impacts in conjunction with climate change as well as how climate change is expected to make them worse.
After viewing the impacts of climate change and pervasive threats on biodiversity and carbon stocks, the responses to these issues
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Conversely, the article seems to present more information on climate change. Interestingly enough, neither climate nor Oceania is listed as key words.
In the introduction, the paper clearly defines a problem and states what the research hopes to accomplish. The paper provides a scope of the existing knowledge, though it is not much in terms of the “big picture” of the region. The body of the paper delves into the information available at the scale of each country. The research aims to find out what declining biodiversity and carbon stock mean for the Oceania region as well as how can these issues be addressed.
There is no dedicated section for the method, since the article is just an amalgamation of many other papers that focus on research done on countries within the region. The closest section to resemble a methodology is the final few sentences of the introduction describe the structure of the paper. There is however, methodology presented in the appendix, though this strictly explains the steps taken in calculating the values for carbon biomass from the various papers. These methodologies varied based on the data sources for the different countries and different biomes. To provide a better understanding to the reader, some aspects of the methodology in the appendix could have been discussed in the article itself. It should also be noted that the fact that there were methodologies attached in the appendix, is only mentioned in the caption for the table.
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