Current Study On Social Processes

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Of these three components, the current study will focus on social processes. Social processes are the ongoing transactions between two or more people or groups in a setting. These transactions include the social interactions between individuals or groups, their communication and feedback loops, and the possible outcomes associated with their interactions (Tseng & Seidman, 2007). Social processes are shaped by individuals’ roles within the setting. Beyond those roles and the relationships within a setting; there are constant actions that affect them (Seidman, 1990). Although these transactions may be interpreted individually, the social processes exist within a larger space that is comprised of all individuals within that setting (Tseng & Seidman, 2007). Social processes are manifested as norms, relationships, and participation in activities. This set of processes is associated with desired setting-level outcomes in an intervention. These social processes are of special interest in a sorority setting which impacts its members in ways that have yet to be fully examined. For the purpose of the study, norms will be examined as an assessment of the social processes within a sorority. Norms are social processes that reflect interactions between an individual’s beliefs and behaviors and those of others in the same setting (Tseng & Seidman, 2007). Previous research suggests that due to our awareness of the need to belong we realize that engaging in socially accepted behaviors
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