Curriculum Development Interview. This Paper Will Summarize

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Curriculum Development Interview This paper will summarize the information gained by interviewing a Curriculum Specialist in a specific school district in eastern South Dakota. How curriculum is used and who determines how it is used will be the basis of the interview. Other aspects will include what the district’s process is when adopting curriculums and finally how the teachers are effectively using it. Included will be a reflection piece that will include the positive aspects of adopting and developing a curriculum, along with concerns and issues that may arise. In conclusion, there will be a comparison on how curriculum is today compared to how it was used twenty years ago.
Demographics of the School District
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During these discussions, different companies will come in with their curriculums and demonstrate why they feel theirs is the best option. These companies will give different quotes, negotiate with the director, and offer free materials to support their cause. D. Tyler states “companies will always give more free things if you ask, including discounts on shipping” (personal communication, January 19, 2017). When researching different companies, the main thing the director researches is whether or not that company’s curriculum follows South Dakota Common Core Standards. It is very important that the curriculum materials follow a coherent method to teach the standards.
Curriculum Adoption Process This particular district is on a 7-year rotation when adopting curriculum. Prior to adopting a certain curriculum, the district takes a year to study before a decision is made. During this year, different samples are received from different vendors that teachers are able to use in their classrooms, in addition, there are professional development opportunities where teachers are able to get together and assess the series using a rubric system the specialist has created. This way the teachers know if the curriculum is effective or not by implementing some of the samples in their day to day lessons. After this process is completed, the district chooses two or three companies who scored well among the staff. Once the

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