Customer Service Agent

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| 2013 | | | [Case ii: The Customer Service Agent] | | Table of Contents Introduction 2 Information collected from Day Diary 2 Additional information required 5 Job Description 7 Conclusion 9 Case 2: Customer Service Agent Introduction Bill Ryan is a customer service agent for an online marketplace owned by EBay, Half .com. It allows for buyers to sell a vast range of products to potential buyers. Al though the concept of Half .com might seem to resemble that of EBay, it is not the same. On products have fixed prices and buyers and sellers don’t interact directly since, the design of the website is quite self-explanatory with help pages that assist both the buyers and the sellers using the online…show more content…
Therefore, for an individual to be successful in performing this job he/she has to have significant self-control over his/her emotions, should be able to work in a highly stressful workplace and should be able to perform monotonous tasks efficiently and accurately. Time management and multitasking skills the case also provides examples where the customer service representative has to answer a given number of emails within a specific amount of time. For e.g. Bill has to download 10 emails and answer them within a given period of time i.e. one hour and then take simultaneous break in between and move on to the next batch of emails. The employee also has to answer occasional calls by the customers, send and reply to both the buyers and sellers as and when information is received by him or her. Therefore, it is important for the individual to have good time management skills and should be able to multitask as well. Flexibility the case also, states that sometimes when the number of inquiries increases from customers regarding faulty transactions employees also have to be able to identify, and investigate any foul playing practices by the parties involved. Thus, the employee has to be flexible towards accepting additional job responsibilities. Also, the employee will have to use their own critical thinking and problem solving skills to investigate and find solutions to a given situation. This is also useful to motivate and challenge employees in the form
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