Cutting Plywood Essay

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Your new canine buddy may be loving the Australian summer right now, but it won't be longer before autumn arrives and that means now is the time to start thinking about outdoor shelter. Autumn brings dropping temperatures and some rainy spells, so may hay while the sun shines and build your mate a doghouse. Plywood is the perfect product for making the doghouse. It is light enough to handle, can be easily painted, and it is strong. However, to have a good looking dog house, you need to know how to cut plywood properly. There are three tips you need to keep in mind before you pull out your circular saw and start cutting. Use A Carbon Tip Blade If you don't use the right type of blade to cut the plywood, you are going to see ragged splinters …show more content…

This holds the top layer of the plywood in place while you cut along it, and because it has a light glue backing it will peel away without drama. However, you do have to peel the tape off slowly after the cut has been made. If you rip it too fast you will cause the top layer to crack and splinter. Support When Cutting Plywood pieces come in large sheets, so when you are making the initial cuts you need to ensure the plywood receives support beneath it to keep it flat. If you try to cut a large piece of plywood that is bowing over each side of the cutting table, it may snap away while you are doing the cutting process. You should ask a friend or family member to help hold up the excess plywood while you are making the first cuts. Alternatively, place a saw horse under each side of the overhang to keep it from drooping. These cutting tips will help to make sure that when you cut the plywood you need for the doghouse, that it looks sharp and clean. Of course, if you're more likely to cut your fingers off with your circular saw than make a great home for your canine friend, give the plans and the plywood to a building contractor and pay them to do the cutting for

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