Cyber Bullying : A Deep Seated Psychological Problem

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Cyber Bullying Introduction Cyber bullying among teen occur when the teenagers harms or harass their peers over the information technology network. Cyber refers to any form of information technology and is not limited to social networks such as Facebook, blogs, twitter, SMS. It is important to note that an action can only be considered as bullying if it is repeated and conducted deliberately to harm or harass the victim. This paper seeks to argue that cyber bullying is a deep-seated psychological problem whose cause should be analyzed and the effects corrected. Cyber bullying includes acts of harassment, humiliation, or attacks on other people using information technology. The cyber bullies are interested in intimidating, controlling or manipulating their victims into conceding defeats, or carryout out specific illegal activities failure to which they will be humiliated. In most cases, cyber bullies seek to humiliate their targets publicly over the internet, or through cell phones and or web cams. Cyber bullies aim to humiliate their victims in the most awkward way and might use personal information such as messages, or pictures. These are sent online or as text messages to many people with the aim of exposing their victims and embarrassing them (Aisha 207-207). Causes of cyber bullying Cyber bullying has many causes. The

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