Cyber Bullying on Social Networks Negatively Impacts Teens

Decent Essays defines Cyber Bullying as “the use of technology to hassle, threaten, verbally abuse or humiliate another teen.” Since Cyber Bullying is a relatively new form of bullying, it doesn’t get as much attention as the physical or verbal form, which is most commonly known. People intend to be able to interact with friends and family over social networks, but occasionally malicious individuals make fun of people, or harass them over the internet. One out of three teens experienced being bullied online as stated in Cyber Bullying Statistics. It is critical because this generation is heavily dependent upon the internet, and loads of people use it now compared to the past. Cyber Bullying on social networks is a worldwide issue affecting many people socially, emotionally, and psychologically and parents can help limit the occurrence.
Cyber Bullying on social networks can affect people socially. These types of bullies have the tendency to pick on “socially isolated teens” or teens with a scanty amount of friends. People should be able to have the right to go through their life free from exposure to unacceptable treatment from other people, or strangers. Just because they may seem different than other people does not give anyone proper justification to ridicule any other individual due to their opinion. Victims have trouble getting along with their peers and the constant bullying they go through over an extended period of time can make them feel secluded and detached from

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