Cyber Security Is Protecting The Internet

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Cyber Security is protection used as a defense to prevent unlawful access to information or to a computer system. When speaking in the realm of security in regards to computers or networks, the proper term to use is cyber security. This type of security is used as a defense to maintain a secure connection in cyberspace. Some might think that if they don’t use the internet it lessens the risk of a hacker getting their information. Cybersecurity is used to prevent cyber crimes which is a major issue that all individuals should be concerned about worldwide given that the use of technology has increased with the main use being the internet. Hackers commit cyber crimes using computers and the internet as a highway to gain access to public and private networks. No one can guarantee that their system won’t be hacked. The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines a “hacker”, a person who secretly gets access to a computer system in order to get information, cause damage, etc.…: a person who hacks into a computer system. Nikitina writes “A hacker is a universal changeling, like Hermes, who subverts established hierarchies and crosses all boundaries as a matter of course. Mythology scholarship has identified a host of related characteristics of trickster myths” (Nikitina, 2012). When trying to gain useful insight on the ways of a trickster, it is difficult to find exact descriptions that would help a person figure out exactly what a trickster does. “Just like “hackers”,
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