Cyber Security Role For Homeland Security Intelligence

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The intelligence community itself has made a major shift of how it operates, what are its priorities and its ability to protect the nation in the entry of the 21st century. The attacks on 9/11 greatly changed the way we see the world now and has shown major flaws within the intelligence community. Those events led the creation of the Department of Homeland Security and with it pooled federal agencies into in umbrella for it to be centralized in order to be effective. There are three categories in which the Homeland Security Intelligence face in the 21st century. Those categories are technological, political, and cyber security. In this day in age everything from critical infrastructure, government information to money is being digitalized to the internet. Furthermore, it gave a showed a new front in which our nation can be attacked via cyber space. The Cyber security role for Homeland Security intelligence has become increasingly worrisome. Due to the fact that the cyber security of the nation has become increasingly targeted by foreign organizations, countries, and terrorists. One of the most potentially damaging targets is the nation’s critical infrastructure, especially the water and energy. In an article Hacking Gets Physical, it states that the “FBI confirmed that operatives in Russia, Iran, and China conducted mapping operations in order to discover weakness in the nations cyber security.” The critical infrastructure is becoming more digitalized because of its
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