Cyber Threats And The Cyber Threat

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In recent years information security and privacy have come to be topics of high importance with rapid technological advancements. Technology has provided vast areas of opportunities, but these have also brought along unprecedented threats. Since the “Morris” worm in the 1980’s cyber threat has grown from isolated incidents to high profile attacks on major government and private organizations.
Cyber threats can be classified broadly into three distinct areas –
 Cyber crime – intentional attacks carried out by individuals or groups of individuals with specific objectives of acquiring money, data or causing disruption.
 Cyber war – an attack conducted by a nation against another nation with the objective to cause disruption or obtain confidential data.
 Cyber terror – an organized group of individuals not affiliated to a nation, carry out attacks in cyberspace.
Cyber threats affects individuals, organizations and governments across the globe.
Cyber-attacks have evolved in successive phases, each characterised by the motives of the attacker-
1. Intellectual curiosity and fun
The first popular attack on computers via internet was the Morris worm in 1988. It is a self-replicating code that exploited vulnerabilities in the email server Sendmail. The worm affected 6,000 computers connected to the internet which was 10% of the total number at that time.
2. Notoriety and fame
With the increased use of email and word processing tools in 1990s, there…

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