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Assessment task – CYP 3.1 part A Understand child and young person development Child Development and factors/influences affecting development The opportunity for children and young people to develop in a loving caring environment is vital to their development. It is important that professional practitioners know the expected aspects and rate of development to ensure that individuals in their care are given the best opportunity to thrive. The following tasks will help you to understand the support that each child or young person may need. Complete evidence of the following Important: Within the evidence for the tasks below where relevant you also need to show examples of how you embed the knowledge into your own /the…show more content…
Fifteen months * Can say four or five words. * Uses lots of gibberish * Understands a lot more words than what they can say. * Can indicate to an adult when they want something. * Cooperates skillfully when being dressed. * Enjoys exploring freely although still needs an adult close by. * Tends to show off a little. * Shows interest in other children ( watches them, pat them, bite, hit and may share toys). Eighteen months * Will play alone for longer periods, but still like to be near a familiar adult or sibling. * Tries to join in when being sung to. * often says ‘No’ to requests * Doesn’t cooperate as much as before in dressing and feeding. * Can become frustrated with occasional tantrums. * Tries to be more independent. Two years * Joins in when adults sing or tell stories. * Can ask for food or when needing the toilet * They are eager to try new experiences. * Demands attention a great deal. * Will play beside another child but may not play with them. * May show jealousy of other children or siblings. * Like to help others although not when doing so conflicts with their own desires. * May be clingy and dependent * May be self-reliant and independent at others. Two and a half years * Will play more with other children but sharing their toys may still be an issue. * Likes to have adult approval. * Constant
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