Observational Taxonomy for Children

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Observational taxonomy as it relates to the nature of early social interaction, is a classification system that uses a code of different behaviors that are seen when observing children during play and non-play and is further divided into cognitive and social categories. Amongst the many theorists, Mildred Parten and Jean Piaget are significant to the field of early observational studies comprising of children in the free play atmosphere. Parten asserted that social participation amongst preschool aged children amplified as the child’s age increased (Parten 1932). To support her logic she categorized play into six distinct categories of social participation which include unoccupied behavior, solitary play, onlooker behavior, parallel play,…show more content…
This vision is brought to life as their children are guided to question, hypothesize, solve problems, and express themselves creatively (Department of Human Development). The fascinating teachers at the CYC respect and apprehend the individuality of each child they come across. The main objective of this paper is to fully compare the social expansion of two arbitrary children while critically analyzing their participation in solitary and group activities, and their technique of interacting with the teacher and other adults in the classroom setting. Robert and Ariel both 3 ½- 4 years were observed at the Center for Young Children, UMCP for 15minutes each with 15 other students and 3 adults; one head teacher and 2 assistant. Robert playing by himself grabbed a piece of construction paper and is drawing a picture. He hands it to the teacher to hold so that he can cut through it. He is laughing while cutting through the paper and interacting with the teacher the entire time. Robert is playing with the glue bottle; he keeps stacking and throwing it down. Teacher tells him it is not the right thing to do. Robert continues to laugh and knock down the glue bottle. He finds this amusing as he giggles and laughs while the teacher is talking to him. The teacher is explaining to him that if other kids see him doing
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