D! - Suggest with Justifications, Ways of Improving Motivation for Staff Who Work in the Nhs

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(Distinction 1) Suggest, with justifications, ways of improving motivation in an organisation setting.

Motivation plays a vast part in the NHS as the people are the NHS's most important asset therefore staff need to make sure they are well motivated to ensure that jobs are done efficiently. Motivation is the desire to work that little bit harder. The NHS will try to improve motivating staff in order to achieve a desired goal and sustains certain goal directed behaviours. The NHS could offer improve motivation by their reward systems in order for workers to work harder. Pay Employee’s in the NHS such as nurses, administration staff and porters are more likely to be motivated by the pay because they won’t be earning as much …show more content…

It’s not just about pay from some staff but to be praised for delivering such a good service. The NHS could make sure managers are told to praise staff for good work. Training and Development Another way of improving the NHS’s motivation in staff i believe is to offer more training programmes for staff therefore staff can climb up and become better qualified. If staff have the opportunity to work for higher paid jobs

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