D-Money Essay

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AMERICA’S MOST WANTED: VOICES FROM WITHIN We can’t take this shit with us – D-Money Several Atlanta artist exhibited skills in the art of rap. A businessman, D-Money invested in their talent. By 1999, he invested in the careers of Baby Cake, Mr. Intellect, and Jersey Boi. D-Money also invested in the career of an artist from the west coast name the Code. He brought another cat from the coast to Atlanta name Wall Street. Coincidentally, as soon as he began working with these people, a national tip hotline opened and the local, state and federal agents gained access to private video footage, photos, telephone conversations, addresses of private residences, attendance at private events and night clubs, etc. D-Money’s local acts became a force to reckon. As the entertainment company expanded, so did the entourage of the local acts. Thereafter, people were wearing the DMJ moniker on their hats, clothing and jewelry. DMJ was…show more content…
From a lavish 36th birthday party to an 11/11 Chaos @ Chaos; 2003 marked a year of an IPO of D-Money. His future was grim. He found comfort in spending special evenings with Molly when some of the hardest and sweetest people that he knew shared valuable information with federal, state and local authorities. After the shooting, voices from within begin speaking. Rahab or Sweetie as some called her claimed that she saw D-Money fire seven bullets on 11/11, which took the lives of Puck and Sunday Morning Breakfast. Nevertheless, despite her accusations, after a thorough investigation, authorities were unable to recover video footage from street cameras, locate a firearm or any other corroborating witnesses to the shooting. Furthermore, D-Money had been shot and immediately called Cali while seeking medical attention. Cali was with Goddess on 11/11 and had no knowledge of the events leading to the shooting. D-Money never desired or made it his business to associate himself with violence or
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