D-day Equipment and Strategy

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Imagine being on a boat headed to Normandy, France with 160,000 other American, British and Canadian forces. There are planes flying overhead and there’s a tank on your boat and all the other boats have tanks. Then you hear your platoon leader saying “Men, we’re on our way to a heavily fortified beach head to take control of the beachhead. Securing the beachhead will help us stop Hitler’s plan to conquer the world for himself.” When they were at the beach they had to keep their heads low until the door opens and let the tank get through first so they could take cover behind it. “And men, good luck out there.”

Then you hear the boat intercom after a while about five minutes from the beach giving you your orders. “Come on and you get your orders. “ Your orders are to get to the top of the cliff and take control of the beach head. Once we secure the beachhead we’re gonna move on and take back the countries under Hitler’s control. After that we will capture Hitler and take him prisoner. Then we can go home once that’s all done. With a lot of soldiers comes a lot of weapons and equipment to use. About 47 guns used in D-day from heavy machine guns to flamethrowers. A total of about 24 aircraft from heavy bombers to gliders. There were also 29 tanks from heavy tanks to light tanks. There were 28 vehicles from armored fighting vehicles to tractors. 8 warships that dropped of troops on the beach. twenty seven types of artillery ranging from anti-aircraft to
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