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The United States Should Defend DACA
DACA is federal government program created in 2012 former president Barack Obama. Nearly 800,000 young adults are now protected by this program. To request DACA, they must have lived in the U.S since June 15, 2007, until present, came to the U.S before 16th birthday, must be currently in school or have graduated or obtained a certificate of completion from High school ( This program has given the opportunity to live without fear and those who are approved by it are given a work permit, a valid license, they will be able to enroll in college and protection from deportation for two years. After those two years this
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and protect the dreams of these young adults, is not fair for the Dreamers and their families, many of them worked hard to get that high school diploma or that college degree. Someone who wants a great America should help the country and the people in it. But is this what the president of the United States call “Making America Great Again”?, when all he wants to do is hurt the country's economy, make dumb decisions, play golf, ask for more time to watch tv and be on twitter 24/7 I think someone should take his phone away. Congress is ready to act right. The Home I've Ever Really Known
Hundreds of thousand Dreamers are waiting anxiously awaiting a decision from congress, if the program DACA ends these young immigrants would be deportable, and there's many questions going through their minds, and one of them is “where will I go?”, majority of them were brought to the U.S as babies and this is the only home they ever known, imagine mentally
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