Daft Punk Research Paper

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Daft Punk is an electronic music group made up of two French members, Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo and Thomas Bangalter. Daft Punk began to earn fame in the late 1990's during the popularity of house music in France and found major success in the following years. Originally they were a duo named "Darlin" which didn't last long and left the two to experiment with music each on their own. The two re-joined forces and became Daft Punk and released their 1997 album "Homework" which earned many positive reviews.

Homework (1997)
Discovery (2001)
Human After All (2005)
Random Access Memories (2013)

Daft Punk use analog synths to create big sounds and melodies, and they enjoy using the synthesiser plugins that Ableton provides to do just

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