Dale Carnegie

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Dale Carnegie, in his book on How to Win Friends and Influence People, discusses various points on how to make friends and become a better person. Carnegies implies the principle of communicating effectively to be successful. This book has the power to transform people to be successful in their business and personal lives and to achieve their maximum potential. Summary Overview (Approximately 80% of this assignment) In part one of the book, Carnegie included three principles on how to handle people. Of these, two principles are most important when handling people. The first principle is to give honest and sincere appreciation. The deepest urge for human beings is the desire to be important and be appreciated. With true words of appreciation, …show more content…

One important principle is that you have to become interested in other people. People are interested in themselves and if we try to get people interested in us, we will not really have any sincere friends. If we want to make sincere friends, we should greet people with enthusiasm because we like people who admire us. Likewise, an expression such as a smile can make a good first impression because a smile implies to the other person that they make you happy. A good smile brightens the lives of the people around you and sends a message of your happiness. In addition, since many people value their names, this is one of the most valuable principle presented in the chapter. By calling people by their names, you have provided a very good compliment to that person, but, if you forget the name or misspell it, you are at a disadvantage. By remembering people’s name, you make them feel important and valuable to the society. Another way to make people like you is to be a good listener. This can be accomplished by being attentive, by being interested in what they have to say and by encouraging them to talk about themselves. By actively listening to the person, you make the person feel

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