Dangers Of Cell Phone While Driving

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A shocking 70 percent of drivers use their smartphones while operating vehicles, and it isn’t just to send messages. People will use their cell phones to check their emails, pay bills, and even video chat. They are aware of the many dangerous situations and know that it’s illegal, but in most cases just disregard the act. I believe making the cause more aware worldwide should give people different perceptive on how serious this problem can be. Us as human beings should be amiable towards other people’s lives. I believe that cell phone use while driving should be banned in all states due to the fact that it is already against the law in some states, it is a distraction to drivers, and it endangers self and others. The use of cell phones, in all ways, while operating a vehicle is already illegal in twelve states across the country. If one is caught using their phone while driving, drivers may be faced with a ticket and a fine. The driver is not fully focused, alert, or at their full awareness when they are using their cell phone. This so called distraction can or will lead to some sort of accident. Whether that accident is fatal or leaving the other person in critical condition. These drivers can be compared to driver under the influence due to their lack of judgment and their ability to focus on the road. I’m sure that people are quality of looking at a text or answering their phone while driving, but my intention is to try to get everyone aware of the dangers of this action.

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