Essay about Dangers in Skyrim

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Prologue There is a place where many adventures have gone and many have died. It is deep in the earth, filled with evil beings. The evil beings called falmer dwell in this old city. This is no ordinary old city, this is Blackreach. Blackreach is an old dwemer city that was filled with dwarves. The dwarves were mysteriously wiped out and the falmer inhibit the ruins now. The falmer alone make the place dangerous. The falmer were a great race of snow elves until the Aldimiri Dominion demolished them. They were sent into hiding and live in the caves. They adapted into foul, blind creatures that are very dangerous. They keep large scorpion-insect hybrids called chorus that have a deadly poison and are extremely powerful. The falmer are all …show more content…

I was shocked. To get a deadra heart would mean killing a mighty demon from oblivion. They are very hard to find now after the oblivion crisis. And by the nine divines it is one of the rarest metals in all of Skyrim. But here he was with the items in his hand ready. I could tell he was not an ordinary warrior. I forged him the mighty sword, but such task was not as easy as it sounds. To be able to use the deadra heart you must get it to 450 degrees and keep it at that exact temperature for exactly 2 days. The ebony is also very hard to melt. You must use fire salts which will get the forge to the highest heat that it can get to. The next few days the warrior stayed in the town. One day I went to go talk to the man. I asked him what he does for a living. He said he was an adventurer who traveled through Skyrim diving into dungeons, and treasure hunting often. This is not an ordinary profession. The next day the sword was finished, and I presented it to him. He seemed very pleased. He admired the great design. He brought a giant’s skull, one of the toughest items in Skyrim. He took the sword, and swung it at the skull. It made a clean cut. It not only had magnificent beauty, but also deadly power. This is a sword to reckon with. The next thing he said was shocking. He asked me to sharpen it. I debated that my mere grindstone would only dull the blade, but he insisted. I sharped it to the best of my abilities and he

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