Dante And Virgil's Death

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Dante and Virgil came across shattered rocks and their path is blocked by Infamy of Crete disguised as a cow. Infamy of Crete was considered as a monster, with attention to having a man’s body and a head of a bull. This monster was known as Minotaur. In order to have a safe passage, they had to make it pass Minotaur. With this in mind, Virgil provoked the monster by insulting him. Abruptly asking, who brought death upon him and screaming go away beast. The breaking point was when Virgil said that Dante is only there to see his suffering. Minotaur was filled with anger and broke loose. Unable to run, the monster jumped back and forth giving Dante and Virgil a safe path across. As the two climb down further, they noticed a stream of
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