Danville Transportation

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Affordable public transportation has been made available for the residents of Danville as there is a county local bus, that runs through the San Ramon Valley, called “ County Connection” and route 21 services Danville while transporting residents to nearby cities such as Walnut Creek’s BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit System) as well as San Ramon’s transit center. It also drops off at a park and ride in Danville as well as a nearby city called Alamo.

One of the indisputable attributes about County Connection for seniors is that they can ride for free between the hours of 10:00am-2:00pm, and before and after these hours, it’s only $1.00 for seniors over the age of 65. In order to comply for those with …show more content…

One of the stops is directly in front of a grocery store, while others are within walking distance to banks, and other specialty stores. Several stops do offer specific shade and seating with only one offering weather protection, however, Danville doesn’t have extreme weather, only seasonal rain. The public transportation signage is effortless to read and there are route maps available at all bus stops as well as the main library and other highly trafficked areas of the town, such as the recreation building and the senior center. The bus driver also announces all stops in advance. The transportation company, County Connection, is genuinely helpful by phone and eager to assist with route and schedule information as well as directing residents to their website. Information is only available in English, however, this town, has mostly English speaking residents. This community doesn’t offer a Dial-A-Ride, although it is an ongoing conversation within the town council, it’s always rejected due to cost versus need. There are taxi’s as well as UBER that come through Danville and the recreation center even provides classes to learn about these services, geared for

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