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Project Proposal INTRODUCTION Topic and Purpose This proposal identifies the need for a document, which will propose and develop reasons why a for-profit transportation service for Kent should be perused. This service should be considered because of the recent parking and commuting problems both on and off campus. There have been many reasons why on-campus parking has become difficult in recent years. Increased student enrollment at Kent State University has posed many problems. The parking lots cannot facilitate the growing need for vehicle parking. Campus officials have undertaken construction projects to curb the parking problem, but these renovations have closed lots in the near term. Also, the increased enrollment of…show more content…
The demand for student bus transportation has far exceeded the supply. Also, vandalism and automotive theft has nearly doubled since 1997. DUI convictions have quadrupled in the city of Kent since last year. The need for public transportation is quite clear. Because of this evident crisis in transportation, a solution must be in order. Scope This proposal will outline and validate the impending document generally. First the general nature of the document will be discussed; then the ensuing proposal will be outlined. DISCUSSION OF PROPOSAL Proposal The proposed document must be constructed to demonstrate the need for a new for-profit transportation service. It will present a business plan, and then go into detail about characteristics specific to this service. Methodology Information about competitive transportation services will be gathered. Questionnaires will be distributed to students and faculty of Kent State University in order to gather customer insight. Also, a financial consulting firm will be hired to provide professional assistance. Document Outline The proposed document will include the following specific sections. This outline is tentative and may be adjusted in accord with new developments. Description of Business Entity and General Operations Type of Business Type of Legal Entity Type of Facilities Organizational Structure Type of Service the Business will provide

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